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Chief of Staff Certification - 2023 is a Course

Chief of Staff Certification - 2023


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Increase Earning Potential Now.

Jumpstart your career with the real-life, on-the-job experience you need to land top positions with senior executives. With up to 50 hours of self-paced coursework, you will leave this online certification with the confidence & knowledge to land and succeed in a role supporting senior leaders at the top of a company.

Created for anyone wanting to become a Chief of Staff or learn more about the role, and anyone wanting to improve their leadership, professionalism, and work product quality to enable them to function at the highest levels in a company. This includes executive assistants, business operation managers, and people in similar positions looking for the next step in their career.

This self-paced online Chief of Staff certification offers hands-on, foundational skills practice, nearly identical to the on-the-job responsibilities across a wide range of Chief of Staff duties. Imagine onboarding into a Chief of Staff role for 6 months? That’s what this course offers in far less time.

With up to 50 hours of coursework including readings, videos, interviews, assignments, instructor meetings, and presentations, you will walk away with the confidence and knowledge to land and succeed in a Chief of Staff position, and dozens of tools and templates as well as a completed portfolio of work to take to your Chief of Staff job interviews and role.

This course will deepen your understanding of the Chief of Staff role, elevate your executive presence, help you learn how to create clear & captivating visuals, and give you the knowledge of exactly how to prepare top executives for anything coming their way.

In this course you will lead meetings, build & present materials, write briefs, make strategic recommendations, project manage executive priorities, plan complex executive team functions, vet executive engagements, and more. 

You will also learn numerous tips and tricks from how to build confidence in your role, to how to run an effective meeting, to how to understand and build your network, and more. 

Modules include:

  1. The Chief of Staff
  2. Business Planning & Organization
  3. Events, Communication, & Storytelling
  4. Strategic Prioritization & Executive Project Management
  5. Filling the Gaps
  6. Mock Meeting with your Leader

The first and only formal online Chief of Staff certification course that exists; you will walk away with the knowledge, competence, and endorsement through this formal certification that your competition applying for the same roles will simply not have. 

*Access to PowerPoint or google slides is highly recommended for this course.

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Student Success Testimonials

"The Chief of Staff certification is an excellent course for anyone looking to kickstart their career in this (sometimes ambiguous) space. The course provides clarity and definition on the roles and responsibilities of a CoS, along with real-world examples and assignments so the learner can have the invaluable experience of learning by doing. As someone who has both worked in, and hired for, these operational roles, I would highly recommend Maggie Olson and her course as a leading example of success in this space. Her approach to the material is accessible and open, making it feel as though you are learning from a mentor, and not simply sitting through lectures."

"This course is what all of us high-level Executive Assistants have been looking for this entire time!"

"I love that is course was made with the Executive Assistant in mind but not from the Executive Assistant perspective, like so many other EA-targeted courses."

"From the very beginning, I was excited about the syllabus. The first several assignments have already given me insight into the position that I didn't have previously, helped me identify the gaps I currently have, and shown me where to focus my energy in pursuit of a Chief of Staff role. Thank you so much for putting this together!"

"The first module was very well put together. The materials all complement each other and reinforce the role of Chief of Staff illustrating how complex and unique it can be. I look forward to the next module and continuing to build on my understanding of the role and the responsibilities that come with it."

"Overall, there is such great information in this first module. Most of it relevant to starting a Chief of Staff career and referencing in the early days to inspire during difficult times and just keep top of mind why you chose the role and how much you can make it your own."

"I just finished the first module of this online Chief of Staff Course developed by Maggie Olson and I highly recommend it to my fellow Executive Assistants. If your career goals include CoS, this course will help you develop an understanding of the role and encourage you to reflect on your skills and experience to focus on areas of improvement. This role brings so much to an organization and this course is designed to understand what the role and what it isn't. Highly recommend!!"

"This module was outstanding due to the creativity needed to express a wide range of information to a target audience. Most notably was the training on scheduling, planning, and the organization of events. I feel like this area of the Chief of Staff role fits my skillset most comfortably. This training helped me to find a comfort zone which ultimately will help build confidence in seeing myself in this role."

"Currently enrolled in the program and it's so thoughtfully crafted. It's given me a fresh set of eyes on my skills and where I need to grow."